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My health problems forced us to seek a holistic approach to wellness. Over the years, Paul watched me struggle with severe food allergies that rendered me essentially bedridden. I suffered for 10 years with a myriad of symptoms which caused me to resign from my original career position with the Federal Government. Over time, I regained my health with exercise, vitamin supplementation and nutritional support by Shaklee.

Paul also overcame his chronic seasonal allergies using the Shaklee products. We were sold on the products; became distributors in order to purchase at a reduced cost and later started the business when Shaklee introduced its' Career Plan deciding it was time to join forces to help others experience a healthier lifestyle and financial independence. Paul, a Massachusetts State Trooper, trains local police officers in commercial vehicle enforcement, and lectures to company drivers on the safe operation of tractor trailer units. During his off hours now shares the Shaklee difference.

Today, I am an exercise physiologist, fitness researcher and now Director, Health & Well-being, Programming at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy with  world renowned strength expert, Dr. Wayne Westcott. Most recently we conducted a six month study at our Y with Shaklee using the Cinch Protein Shakes. Study subjects who ingested the Cinch Shakes post-exercise added more muscle and lost more fat and inches than those who did not drink the shake! Visit the Fitness Management website, www.fitnessmanagement.com May 2008 issue - RESEARCH UPDATE: Protein and Body Composition: A new study shows the benefits of ingesting protein after a workout for increasing muscle mass and strength, by Wayne L. Westcott, PH.D., CSCS, William J. Martin, PH.D., Rita La Rosa Loud and Susan Stoddard.

As a fitness professional, I have presented both in the U.S. and internationally, appeared on network news, Utube and various national and international fitness magazines, written health/fitness articles, served on FMY Fitness Management editorial board, co-authored books and fitness videos, received numerous awards from university, health and fitness and non-profit organizations, served on various committees e.g. the Massachusetts Governor's Committee on Physical Fitness and Sports, American Heart Association, Amateur Athletic Union, Massachusetts Association for Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, acquired national recognition for innovative training techniques (Nautilus and Shape), and weight management/workout programs (NOVA 7 Exercise Programming Award), trained U.S. Navy personnel around the country and collaborated with Prevention Magazine helping woman overcome health and fitness obstacles with Dr. Westcott, September 2008 issue, Shrink One Size in 4 Weeks! Speed Your Metabolism Break That Plateau.

In a nutshell, my husband and I believe we could not have achieved all of our accomplishments if not for the Shaklee philosophy, products and family support. We both feel better and are more energized than we ever thought possible. Our Shaklee business gives us the opportunity to spend time with our family and friends, most importantly, provide clinically-proven products that contribute to fuller healthier lives of those we love and come in contact. Shaklee is the vehicle we've chosen to drive down the road to health and fitness. You too can experience the Shaklee adventure and difference.

Please call or e-mail us; most importantly, choose to be healthy today!